Thursday, June 24, 2010

Tobacco - the end of the story

(continued from September 7, 2009; part 1 published August 30, 2009)

Ellen continues ...

“There’s a man following me … he must have followed me all the way from Gramercy Park. He’s there, by the subway, in the raincoat … oh, no, no, no, he’s gone now. He’s gone. He must be down in the subway.”

“Miss, take a cab home tonight. We’ve had some problems lately with a stalker around that Old Town Bar. We’ve tried to catch him six or seven times this week alone! Can you describe the guy that was following you?

The policeman called in Ellen’s description. “No, lady, our guy has red hair,” the cop said, but there’s always copycats. Maybe this guy has a record. Won’t know unless you come to the precinct and look at some pictures tomorrow.”

“I could, yes. But I’ve got to get home tonight, get some sleep.”

“Miss, take a cab. Here’s one now. Take it. Come down to the 23rd Street station tomorrow morning, before work. Ask for Sergeant Morris. I’ll tell him you’re coming. It won’t take long.”

Ellen agreed and dozed on the short ride home. The ghost was waiting under the street lamp, across from her building. Once he was sure she was safe inside, he made his way back up to the Old Town Bar for a smoke and a nightcap.