Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ghosts All Around

I am fascinated by the idea of ghosts: shadowy figures who hang in the air, on trees, just inside subway doors, outside the Metropolitan Museum, or on the edges of twisted paths in Central Park. Ghosts fly through the summer air, going around the world and back home again as if it were nothing -- just a quick trip for a Snickers Bar or a pack of cigarettes and the paper.

I have never met a ghost. I am not sure how they exist: are they figments of the imagination, fragments of time past, anxiety personified, waking dreams? I find the thought of them comforting, sometimes puzzling, but never scary. I am not sure if I will ever see one, nor would I regret it if I didn't.

As we drift into autumn, I start to wonder about how ghosts prepare for the winter. One thing I do know: they always enjoy a good story.

This blog will be free form: stories, thoughts, personal accounts, comments, jokes. Who knows? Please do post your comments as we move through the year.

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